We are managing with the ambitions dream of delivering happiness to all of our customer.

第4回国際 化粧品展COSME TOKYO 2016に出展します

第4回国際 化粧品展COSME TOKYO 2016に出展します


  • Retail

    running shop of hotel and sepcial shop only for events
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  • Wholesale

    Our company has a great range of local products. For example, all of tourist goods,novelty,and catalogy gift.
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  • Ramen

    Ramen is made in our manufacturing plant. We also have partnered with foreign and domestic manufacturing plant, so we can make proposal according to the budget and preferences.
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  • Cosmetics

    Horse oil, Collagen, Q10, EGF, Hyaluronic acid ,Vitamin ,etc… The products can be customized per clients' requirements concretely. Of course small lot production is all right. Contact us