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COROKU CO.,LTD.was founded in 1890 as a shop, and has been making history for more than 120 years with the ambitions dream of delivering happiness to all of our customer.
Our company has a great range of local products. For example, all of tourist goods only for Hokkaido, Sapporo Raeme.
Also,we have a huge range of Health Care, Beauty Care, and Home Care, and, all of this is made by famous company go Japan.
We are committed to achieving our principle of providing services to meet our customers’ needs.
I ask for your continued patronage and support.

The CEO of COROKU CO.,LTD. Koroku Hisae

  • head office company building
    head office company building
  • At the time of 1932
    At the time of 1932


About The COROKU Company

Name of Company COROKU CO.,LTD.
location 1-12 toyohira 2jo 1 chome, toyohira-ku, Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan
telephone number 011-821-1588
fax number 011-821-3916
born in 1890.04
established in 1954.04
the staff of a company
chairman Koroku Shigeo
CEO of Company Koroku Hisae
a managing director Susaki Ryouichi
total asset 10000,000 YEN
Number of Employees 61 Employees (including part time employees)
Category tourist goods wholesale
Health Care, Beauty Care, and Home Care wholesale
Cosmetics manufacturing
products we service [souvenir for tourists]
・food ・sweets ・raemen ・seafood
・decorate stuffs of characcter ・stuffers of fashion
・handicraft art ・makeup cosmetics
[Health Care, Beauty Care, and Home Care]

customers ・shop of tourist hotel drive-in shop airport kiosk and so on
・convientent store shop in hospital drug store
The former COROKU CO.,LTD. is established
The former COROKU CO.,LTD. Changed to SAPPORO City
COROKU Hyakkaten was established(later COROKU.CO.,LTD.)and, COROKU Hyakkaten launched tourist goods.
COROKU Hyakkaten changes its name to COROKU CO.,LTD.
COROKU CO.,LTD. Starts duty-free-shop
COROKU CO.,TED. is deputized to be specific agency by HOKKAIDO, and,starts its careers in HOKKAIDO TYOU AKARENGA
Shop of Raiford HOTEL is established.
APA HOTEL&RESORT KAWAZOE shop and APA HOTEL shop are opened
COROKU CO.,LTD. Starts manufacturing noodles
Open the shop in Sapporo Hotel Emisia

ブランドストーリー- Coroku Brandstory -

In 1890,the founder Kamekichi Coroku moved from Osaka to undeveloped land Hokkaido, to establish Coroku Wholesale Company, who sells daily products like tobacco winders, Japanese sandal straps, Japanese traditional dress belt, candles, and so on.At the time, the population of Sapporo was still 20.000 people.The 2nd president Setsunosuke Coroku, the eldest son of Kamekichi, transferred the company to the 3rd president Hidegi Coroku who was the husband of his younger sister Kiyo, to devote himself to real estate business.In 1941, The World WarⅡ broke out, Hidegi managed to maintain the business in the shortage of products. In 1954, the present Coroku Co.,Ltd was established and from those days, Coroku started to go out for sales to all over Hokkaido, though the buyers used to visit Coroku to buy products.Our product categories had varied to Hokkaido souvnirs to souvenir shops in the hotels, airport , and station, in addition to the daily necessities to the department stores or hospitals.The first souvenir for us was ties with Hokkaido tribe 'Ainu' traditional patterns. The 4th president Shigeo Coroku, the 2nd son of Hidegi, expanded the channel to the tourism market along with the tourism boom in Hokkaido, He handled many official products for the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972.The 5th president Hisae Coroku,the eldest daughter of Shigeo, opened retail shops in Sapporo, and established manufacturing division for noodle and cosmetics.She is developing the market from Hokkaido, to Japan, to oversea with Coroku brands produced by herself.It has been 130 years since establishment, Coroku promises to challenge and change with the times and keep creating social value with our customers, suppliers and our staffs.